Getting Around: Bangkok’s Free Bus

free, Travel Tips — By Kevin Revolinski on January 8, 2011 at 7:41 pm

Thailand is already known to be a backpacker’s dream. Cheap, delicious food at the open-air food markets, awesome budget accommodations, bargain shopping galore at places such as MBK or the Chatuchak Weekend Market. And maybe you’ve even used Bangkok’s free citywide internet. But do you know about the free buses? It’s not like riding a bus in Bangkok is expensive; fares can be as low as 7 or 8 baht and even air-con buses come in around 15-18 baht. But there is one bus to look out for if you’re really pinching the pennies (satang).

The sign says

Watch for this blue banner across the windshield. (It’s also across the back window, but if you’re seeing that you probably missed the bus, right?)

OK, sometimes it's not EXACTLY in the windshield. It's hot. Things come unstuck.

Just hop aboard and join the masses. Warning: In my completely unscientific research, it seems to me the Free Bus drivers are the most erratic, sudden stops and sudden lurching acceleration. (Has anyone else noticed this??) So if you’re standing, be sure to hang on tight.

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[Photos by Kevin Revolinski]

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