It’s Dessert Season!– How to Put on Winter Weight in Beijing!

Food — By Lauren Johnson on December 16, 2010 at 9:34 am

“Why no, I haven’t put on weight this winter, this sweater is just very baggy on me!” This is an actual statement I overheard while in a sweet shop in Beijing last week. Winter is upon us, its freezing in Beijing and that can only mean one thing—time to put on the ‘fluff’ and keep warm and content with some of Beijing’s best sugary treats! Don’t worry about your weight this winter. Come spring, we’ll tell you where to go to drop a size and tighten your thighs! Winter is for enjoying warmth and good food.

CC Sweets is a great little candy shop run by custom jewelry designer Carol Chow. Her attention to every detail makes her cupcakes already famous in Beijing, despite the fact that the doors to CC Sweets haven’t been open all that long. Her custom cakes are among the best in town, and Carol is confident they will become the go-to place for custom dessert art in Beijing. Go, Carol!

Bellagio, a local favorite for shaved ice treats, is a place many suave men take their dates to round off a perfect evening. I find it a bit odd that all the waitresses have the same tom-boy haircut, but aside form this Bellagio has the best shaved ice in town, and their food menu isn’t’ bad, either!

The Fig Tree is an amazing little bakery with an inspiring baker behind in the kitchen. Lin Zhong loves to bake, and her creations reveal that where there is passion, there is success! Not only does she sell her creations, but her love of baking inspired her to start offering baking classes, including some holiday themed ones for Christmas and New Years!

Pie House is a cute family story. An American boy decided to open a pie store in Beijing selling pies using his Grandmother’s recipes. How adorable! His pies are so good they are often delivered within the same day as ordering them, and arrive warm! If you miss a taste of home, call in the morning to have your pie by nightfall!

Lollipop Bakery is another new arrival on the Beijing scene. Hong Kong native Lexie Morris recently opened a shop specializing in cupcakes, that delicious treat that goes perfectly with every occasion. She has found her special recipe sells well in the capital and enjoys what she does, making the treats at the cutely named lollipop Bakery, baked in love!

Coldstone Creamery located in Sanlitun, is a favorite in the winter, despite the fact that its an ice cream shoppe! With amazing treats that literally make your waist expand on the spot, Coldstone is a chain that is adored around the globe.

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