Where to Ski in Beijing

Things to Do — By Lauren Johnson on January 15, 2011 at 9:40 am

Skiing in Beijing?– I bet you didn’t know that was a possibility. Dust off your board or your skis and start doing lunges, Beijing has a lot to offer in terms of general skiing, and you’ll find it the perfect new location to hit the slopes.

Huaibei Ski Resort lies a mere 70km north of Beijing. Huaibei has a few different runs to choose from and caters to a blend of noobs and experts, depending on the course. There are hotels, cafes and restaurants on site and you can even see the Great Wall from atop the hills. There is even a free shuttle that departs from Dongzhimen subway station daily. Open from 5am-5pm, with some night skiing running until 9:30pm on designated nights. You can call 010-8969-6677 for more information. There is a 20rmb entrance fee in addition to the ski costs, which are around 360 for a day pass on the weekend, 220 for the day on a weekday.

Nanshan Ski Village is open from 9am-5pm daily and offers equipment rentals and entry at a fairly cheap 160rmb for 2 hours. With several short runs, Nanshan is a great find primarily because of its proximity to the city. Only 65k from Beijing accessible only by car. Call 010-8909-1909 for reservations or more information. There are also restaurants and hotels nearby, making this a one-stop-shop for skiing and snowboarding for the entire weekend.

Shijinglong Ski Resort is located 80k from Beijing, and boasts an impressive number of on-site instructors and easy bunny hills near the base for first-time learners. This makes it a less crowded place to ski, but there is something for mid-level skiers as well. Call 010-5905-9088 for information and reservations. Whole day skiing for 140 on weekends/90 on weekdays, you’ll find this a steal if you are learning to love the art of skiing.

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