Wangfujing – Beijing’s Famous Shopping Zone

Things to Do — By Lauren Johnson on January 24, 2011 at 11:04 am

Wangfujing is arguably the most famous shopping area in Beijing. It is equal to Nanjing Road in Shanghai, or Madison Avenue in New York. Its the first place you go for a real Rolex, an authentic Gucci handbag or real Jimmy Choo shoes. You’ll find multiple shopping malls, side alleys with Chinese boutique shops, and restaurants galore. The famous Wangfujing Foreign Language Bookstore and XinHua Bookstore are also on this street, and you can find helpful maps of the city in English, guide books and dime novels– all in English!

The Dong Hua Men Night Market jets off Wangfujing, here you’ll find tasty insects on a stick, odd meats, eggs and sundry other items you normally wouldn’t ingest. But hey, when in Rome! Take a stab at your own personal fear factor and see if you can eat a still-squirming scorpion.Even if you don’t plan on testing the strength of your stomach or reliability of your pepto, this is a great place to shoot pictures, hang out with locals and do a bit of cheap shopping.

You’ll also find the famous Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant on the fourth floor of one of the side malls on Wangfujing. For Peking Duck in Beijing, this restaurant comes with the highest possible marks from locals. You can try the famous Peking Duck, but for a few extra bucks why not try duck heart dumplings, duck tongue and red bean dessert? You can gorge yourself on McDonald’s right around the corner if you can’t stomach the cuisine at either Dong Hua Men Night Market or Quanjude Roast Duck, although fair warning– the McDonald’s isn’t exactly the same in China either!

Wangfujing is a pedestrian walkway, which makes it easy to navigate once you arrive. Try to come by subway (line 1 has a Wangfujing stop, any north-side exit will do). The cab drivers that stalk the exits of both sides of the pedestrian walkway have a tendency to cheat tourists, so your best bet is to either take the subway or bus, or else walk a short distance away before hailing a cab.

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