Beijing April Roundup

Things to Do — By Lauren Johnson on April 30, 2011 at 1:53 am

Every spring Beijing transitions from a gray, dark city into a bustling, bright and cheery metropolis. Tourists flood the city, adding diversity and clogging intersections with confused huddled groups consulting out-of-date maps. To help with the mapping issue, we recently posted a blog on getting tourists acquainted and oriented with the city called Map of Beijing, which shows tourists how to figure out which way is North from wherever they are, and how to stay centered in Beijing. And another recent post on Understanding the Beijing Metro helps tourists find their way from A to B without having to deal with the shady cab drivers who often linger around tourists sites looking for easy prey. Finally, if you decide to venture outside Beijing by Train, this post called Beijing by Metro, China by Train will help you decide if train touring is right for you. Finally, however you decide to travel around the city and around China, keep an eye out for the New Anti-Drink Driving Campaigns.

We recently posted a list of the Best Parks in Beijing for Spring, a guide to the parks where you can soak in the greenery, inhale a bit of fresh air and do some amazing people watching. Check that out if you are looking for the best place to play Frisbee, or the ideal location to spend a romantic sunset with your loved one.

For great beer in the city, check out the post on Beijing’s Best Beer Depots, an ode to the best places in town for a nice, refreshing pint enjoyed during Spring. If daytime beer binging isn’t your thing, check out the post on Sanlitun versus Houhai Lake, a comparison of the two hottest nightlife areas in Beijing. After reading this you’ll know which of these two hot spots you’ll want to frequent while in the city.

This takes the edge off traveling, which we know can be a stressful task at times, especially in a city like Beijing where the language, culture, food and mentality are all different from anywhere else in the world, which brings me to the April blog post on Beijing Brave, attempts to underline a few of the key similarities and differences among the Chinese and Western worlds, concluding that China is not your typical third world destination. With 3 Days in Beijing, see how the typical tourist can hit all the hot spots in a few days without really taxing themselves into not enjoying the trip. We outlined the best things to see, and even hint at what to skip!

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