Active Adventures in Beijing

Things to Do — By Lauren Johnson on January 10, 2012 at 2:05 pm

Hiking in Beijing is an ongoing joy. Great groups like the Beijing Hikers, continue to innovative with new hiking routes and a great blend of culture and nature with hikes to the Great Wall, the gorge, hidden villages full of locals who live in a different century, and different way of life. Many of the hikes include a lunch option midway through the hike, so you’ll be sure to be able to enjoy yourself without getting too dizzy from hunger or exhaustion. Most professional tour groups include transportation, water and a guide. Don’t be fooled by groups that don’t promise all of this up front. The average cost for a full-day hike should be around 200-300RMB, including transport, lunch, guide, hike and water.

Biking groups in the city also add to the adventure in Beijing. The Peleton, the longest surviving bike group in the city, continues to take cool weekly, monthly and yearly adventure trips like the yearly 1500km ride. There is also a fixed gear group that bikes around and practices tricks of the trade. One of the easiest ways to find other bike groups is to check out the bike shops and talk with the on-site pros. This is especially true of the fixed gear community, which is growing rapidly in Beijing.

Boating isn’t common in Beijing, since it’s a landlocked city without many adventurous boating options within a reasonable distance. Still, if you like to paddle around and be out on the water you can head to Houhai Lake where you can take a paddle boat out on the water or be paddled around in a traditional boat by a local chewing on a long blade of grass. Additionally, you can take a ride on a high-speed boat in the moat in the zoo, or in the long man-made streams in Chaoyang Park or even boat around the Forbidden City.  If you’re interested in a foray, the gorge boasts a decent amount of canoeing and water rafting, but it isn’t the most exciting of rapids and you’ll likely be disappointed if you have ever been on any decent rapids or have been canoeing elsewhere in the world.


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