Family Restaurants in Beijing

Kid Friendly — By Lauren Johnson on February 16, 2012 at 1:59 pm

Family is extremely important in China, and as such many of the city’s best restaurants are family friendly. You’ll find high chairs, kid’s menus and staff who are used to dealing with little ones. The fun doesn’t stop there. Many of these establishments have special weekly discounts or deals for kids from time to time.

The Kro’s Nest is one example of a great kid’s place. They have coloring place mats, kid’s menus, and of course the environment is safe and friendly (music and TV stations) for the little ones. It isn’t uncommon to see kid’s celebrating their birthdays in big groups in the back room, though at night the place does get rowdy with the after-work drinking crowd.

The family favorite Bite-a-Pita is no only a healthy option for the whole family, but it has a kid’s menu, high chairs and a friendly, bilingual staff. You have to walk down a creepy back alley, but so do all the locals and expats who love and frequent this place.

Hot pot can be a lot of fun, under good supervision with older kids. Essentially a boiling pot of oil, you and your family dip raw foods into the pot and pull out a meal. It’s fun, interactive and tasty. But if the kids are too young it’s just downright dangerous. Still, the place is always full of local families and their kids, proving that it’s at least one method for family dining.

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