Best Photography Spots in Beijing

Things to Do — By Lauren Johnson on February 20, 2012 at 2:28 pm

Beijing has a wealth of awesome spots for stellar photography. It’s hard to imagine a single city with more options for diverse, cultural and memorable photography. So, if you have a camera, a passion for art and a desire to get out and see the city you’ll love these photography hot spots in Beijing.

Jingshan Park is one of the single most impressive photography spots in Beijing. Located directly north of the Forbidden City, these are the absolutely most astonishing views of the Forbidden City from on high, plus you get a panoramic of the city. Since it’s the exact center of Beijing you’ll be able to see all the hutongs from on high, the lake to the north and west, and loads of impressive sites. Jingshan is, in itself, a cool park where you’ll be able to watch elderly men and women doing tai chi among the trees, plus the garden is a neat place for a picnic.

For iconic pictures of architecture you’ll have to hit up the Olympic Sports Center, more commonly known as the bird’s nest. This little gem of amazing modern art is especially cool at night, when it’s lit up with red lights with white beams on the hinges. It’s  cool site, and one that you’ll enjoy looking at again and again in your photography.

OF course, the Forbidden City is great for photos. Good luck getting a shot without a dozen people in it. If you get there right as they open you might have a chance at a few shots of the side streets. The same goes for the Great Wall, which is so packed in summer that it’s hard to get any good photography at all done up there. Instead, for great, memorable shots head to the Temple of Heaven. Here, you’ll find open garden areas full of tai chi practitioners, people practicing swordplay, people singing, playing cards or just walking. It’s great for photography of people, and especially of the old Beijing folks who make the place charming. Shots of the temple itself are also great, and are bound to be some of your favorite pics from the trip.

Nanluoguxiang is one of the single most iconic areas in Beijing. It’s crowded most of the time, but it’s still cool. It’s a cultural heritage site, a street full of old hutongs (traditional one-story structures) and bars, cafes, shops and restaurants. It’s an amazing place for photography, especially if you can make it early in the morning or late in the evening for night photography.

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