Articles by Lauren Johnson

Beijing: Old and New

Beijing: Old and New April 1, 2012 | Things to Do | Read More

Warm-Weather Fun in Beijing

Warm-Weather Fun in Beijing March 25, 2012 | Things to Do | Read More
Spring, summer and autumn are beautiful in Beijing. Winter not so much. Still, there are dozens of fun activities to partake in in the warmer months that are simply closed down or not feasible when it’s cold. Take the Great Wall, for example. It’s a miserable place in winter. The surrounding...

Sultry Romance in Beijing

Sultry Romance in Beijing March 20, 2012 | Romantic | Read More
Romance in Beijing, ah the sweet, sultry lull of the call of love. In China’s capital you’ll find some of the country’s most beautiful women, hailing from provinces all over the vast land. The beautiful ladies from the north-west, the pale beauties of Tibet, the spicy gals of Sichuan...

Free Wi-Fi in Beijing

Free Wi-Fi in Beijing March 15, 2012 | free | Read More
Getting online in China is easy. In fact, despite common misconceptions, getting online is sometimes easier in China than in the Western world because of the large number of internet cafes that dot the country. In order to use a computer at an internet cafe you need to register at the front desk with...

Best Photography Spots in Beijing

Best Photography Spots in Beijing February 20, 2012 | Things to Do | Read More
Beijing has a wealth of awesome spots for stellar photography. It’s hard to imagine a single city with more options for diverse, cultural and memorable photography. So, if you have a camera, a passion for art and a desire to get out and see the city you’ll love these photography hot spots...

Family Restaurants in Beijing

Family Restaurants in Beijing February 16, 2012 | Kid Friendly | Read More
Family is extremely important in China, and as such many of the city’s best restaurants are family friendly. You’ll find high chairs, kid’s menus and staff who are used to dealing with little ones. The fun doesn’t stop there. Many of these establishments have special weekly discounts...

Animals in Beijng

Animals in Beijng February 12, 2012 | Things to Do | Read More
Beijing isn’t the most friendly place for animals. You’ll find relatively dirty streets filled with dirtier stray cats. Stray dogs are not as common, but when they are sen they are best avoided. It’s unlikely that they will have rabies, but they are still diseased in a different way...

How to Stay Warm in Beijing

How to Stay Warm in Beijing February 4, 2012 | Travel Tips | Read More
Baby, it’s cold outside! From late fall to late spring, Beijing isn’t the most welcoming of cities due to it’s frigid weather and harsh northern wind. But, it’s easy to survive in the freezing northern capital, the literally translation to the name “Beijing.” Step...

Choosing a Tour Operator in Beijing

Choosing a Tour Operator in Beijing January 20, 2012 | Travel Tips | Read More
Choosing a tour operator in Beijing can be tricky. There are more scams than real operators, and there seem to always be hidden costs and at-the-end add on costs. This adds a frustrating element to travel in China, and is an ongoing problem with tourism in the Middle Kingdom. Still, there are a few ways...

Irish Food and Pubs in Beijing

Irish Food and Pubs in Beijing January 15, 2012 | Events | Read More
Beijing has a few great Irish pubs where you’ll find endless Erin Go Bragh signs and green felt banners touting the Leprechaun nationalism. Paddy O’Shea’s Irish Pub is one of the most popular Irish hang out spots in the city. You’ll find the Irish owner behind the bar shouting good naturedly...