Vintage and Second-Hand Style in Berlin

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With names like the “Art and Nostalgia Market”, it’s hard imagining not finding some endearing memento to take home from your visit to Berlin. This city has a fascination with style and history, allowing the two to intertwine and overlap in exciting ways across the cultural scene. When looking for gifts and goods to remind you of this unique quality, there’s nothing like finding a broken-in vintage coat or trinket from one of Berlin’s many flea markets and second-hand stores.

From the center of Berlin cool, Mitte, to more laid-back neighborhoods like Tiergarten and Prenzlauer Berg, you’ll find an array of shop and markets to meet your consumer tendencies. Not to fret, the prices of quality second-hand goods and the variety of quality vintage goods make this part of your trip easy on the wallet.

When it comes to flea markets in Berlin, though sifting through the trash can often be a tedious activity, it’s well worth the effort when you fall upon some relic of communist Eastern Europe. A great locals market in Friedrichshain provides the perfect opportunity to do just that. Here, you’ll find local Berliners pawning off the things they don’t want as well as the gems they seek to share. Go early to give yourself time to distinguish the junk from the treasures.

For vintage style, there’s no better neighborhood than Mitte, an establishment of the cool and the ‘in’ crowd. With vintage boutiques abounding, it helps to have something in mind if you’re looking to actually make a purchase in a timely manner. Among the most eloquently laid out establishments is Rianna in Berlin, a fashion designer’s treasure seeking skills materialized in a cozy and aesthetically pleasing shop. With fun and interesting displays of vintage bags, clothes and jewelry adoring every corner of this shop, you’ll wonder if you’ve entered an art installation or a clothing store. Art and Fashion mix in alchemy of good taste that resonates with the young Berliners that are regulars in this neighborhood.

From the unique historical remnants that are scattered throughout the Sunday markets in Berlin to the finely tuned vintage boutiques that abound, there is an economical option for any visitor looking to take home a gift or two. A sharp eye makes bargain and treasure hunting in Berlin an essential part of your visit to this eclectic place.


  • Zhelev says:

    This is a vintage store in Berlin .Really cool all staff is from 60’s and 70′
    Super Vintage shop Berlin

  • Zhelev says:

    Alex vintage Berlin
    this is an amazing store in Mitte Rosa-Luxemburg str 17 Berlin 10178


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