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Let’s face it, kids can be difficult to feed. I swore my son would never be a picky eater because I’d be supermom and make his baby food using herbs, spices and flavors so he would be accustomed to adult fare, and develop a sense of taste. Well, I did make his baby food, often pureeing our dinner, but as soon as the purees ended, and cut up solids began, so did his distaste for almost everything. Dining out became tricky, and let’s face it, as a travel writer part of my job is to eat out. I must admit, I’ve stumbled upon a few gems that take into account the torment of feeding a child, and grace their guests with the occasional free kids meal. If, like me, you enjoy an adult dinner out, but worry about your tike polishing off his entree, try one of these delicious Massachusetts gems.

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  • Samba: One of the best family dinners at a restaurant happened on a Sunday night at Samba. Strolling in on a whim, we quickly learned that dinner is free for kids every Sunday at Samba. And this dinner and a show entertained, and sustained our  my seafood eating, pasta hating, rambunctious two year old for two hours. We ate in peace! Not only did he eat, but he  joined us in dining on the hibachi favorites on his plate using his chopstick like a pro.
  • Turner Fisheries: This seafood favorite is the perfect place for an early meal because your kids don’t pay a dime each and every weeknight (before 7pm). And the food served here makes mom and dad happy.
  • Bullfinch’s: Sunday’s are free for kids at this tasty place. Gourmet American fare prepared to order for you and your little one in an upscale atmosphere that does not turn up their nose at children in tow.
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