Copenhagen Cooking…. A Festival You Can Taste

Events, Food — By Jane Graham on June 13, 2011 at 10:02 pm

Some festivals offer music to your ears, while others feast the eyes with images. Copenhagen, however, pays tribute to its current recipe for success: Its cuisine.

Copenhagen Cooking is a food festival celebrating the Scandinavian kitchen, and will be making mouths water for the seventh time this summer from August 19-28. For ten days, the festival—in cooperation with local tourist bureau Wonderful Copenhagen—will be serving up dishes that range from ‘taste happenings’ on the city’s trains to three-course meals at some of the world’s best restaurants.

Once you’ve munched your way through some of the festival’s appetizers, you might want to take part yourself—and Copenhagen Cooking includes plenty of ways to dig in.

Food lovers of all ages can learn about raw ingredients at MAD Foodcamp on Refshaleøen, overlooking Copenhagen Harbor, on August 27-28, and while it’s okay to go crazy, ‘mad’ is Danish for food. The theme of the weekend camp is the plant kingdom, and this festival within a festival has workshops and demonstrations from some of the world’s food experts, including ‘Curious Cook’ Harold McGee of the NY Times. René Redzepi, head chef at award-winning Noma restaurant, and business partner Claus Meyer are at the helm.

Things should hot up when tickets go on sale for dining events at some of Copenhagen’s top restaurants, including Noma, where tables generally book up months in advance. With prices far below usual rates, under-20s can scoop the biggest discounts. Expect events to sell out fast.

You don’t have to eat out, however, to sample the cuisine: The chefs are only too happy to come to you. One of the highlights of last year’s program was the serving of ‘an edible portrait of Copenhagen’ on the city’s Metro, inspired by the three end stations: Kastrup Airport, Vanløse and Vestamager.

Behind these tastings was one of Copenhagen’s most original culinary talents, Mette Martinussen of Madeleines Madlaboratoriet (food laboratory), where—inspired by the power of Proust’s Madeleine cakes to awaken memories—science, cooking and performance art meet. It’s hoped that Madeleines will repeat 2010’s success and find new test subjects at this year’s festival.

The full programme is out next month at Copenhagen Cooking.

Image: Copenhagen Cooking 2010 hits the Metro, courtesy of Copenhagen Cooking.

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