Best Breakfast in Puerto Viejo

Food — By Sophia LaMonica on October 31, 2011 at 2:14 am

 If you have a penchant for pancakes, try them at the Lizard King Resort. They come buttered, topped with fresh fruit, served with maple syrup, and they’re downright irresistible. If you prefer French Toast, it is battered to a tee and dusted with powdered sugar, drizzling syrup makes them delicious and a wee bit decadent. No sweet tooth in the morning? The gallo pinto is a traditional Costa Rican dish turned chef”s special, rice and beans mixed and delicately spiced, served with an egg and toast, the “Tico Breakfast” is a savory plate to start the day off right.

The huevos rancheros is another savory plate for soaking up the sins of the night before. Smothered in salsa and served with corn tortillas, this desayuno is a Mexican original. But, if you’re a breakfast burrito connoisseur, the King’s is one for the books; fixings are wrapped in a warm flour tortilla.   Breakfast plates come with a seasonal fruit garnish, often fresh from the organic farm. Cafe Britt, Costa Rica’s premier gourmet brand, and my personal favorite, is an excellent complement for the Lizard King’s breakfasts.

For a tasty, casual, and inexpensive breakfast with a view of the beach, find Pan Pay Bakery next to the police station. The have a tantalizing glass bakery counter and fresh baked baguettes for $1. Another A-list breakfast may be found at Cafe Rico, which serves tasty coffee drinks; including a lovely iced blended latte, and wholesome specials, too, in a cool shady spot adjacent to a lush tropical garden lined with a collection of books. Find it by following the signs near the center of town pointing towards “damn good coffee.” Bread & Chocolate  is another best breakfast spot. Down a little side street off of the main road in the center of Puerto Viejo, this place is worth discovering if only for its spread of baked goodies, which range from homemade bagels and muffins to truffles, cakes and cookies, though everything on the menu is delicious. It’s a small place and can get crowded, but the customer service is warm and the food is great.

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