Winter Weekend Getaway: Relax, Paradise Awaits in Puerto Viejo de Limon

Travel Tips — By Sophia LaMonica on December 12, 2011 at 5:35 am

Giant banana pancakes drizzled in maple syrup, tico mozarella queso fresca in chile rellenos, decadent organic chocolate brownies, puppies playing hide and seek behind coconut trees. Plus warm weather, world class beaches, handmade ron don stew, creamy rompope, and of a smattering of humble, happy folks…it’s hard to not fall in to love with the rich, raw enclave of the Caribbean of Costa Rica.

If you’re looking to escape the hub-bub atomic holidays of the rest of the world, why not whisk ye’self to Puerto Viejo de Limon, where lots of  non-denominational, mostly organic, family friendly fun starts as soon as the sun rises, and sometimes ensues to a few points past the set of the sol.

Lobster and grass-fed lomito may be hard to come by on New Year’s eve if this year is anything like last, but you can’t beat the taste of six pack of Imperial cerveza fria and all you can eat oysters on the half shell at Salsa Brava, ultra-toned surfers hooting to each other at noon, drunken monkeys hollering the blues, and grandmas shaking paws with sloths over pizza at Amimodo, asi es la pura vida!

So what are you waiting for? Come solo, or book a winter wonderland weekend getaway to Puerto Viejo de Limon, Talamanca with the whole family, it’ll be a holiday trip nobody will likely forget. Major carriers offer daily flights to the country’s capital city of San Jose (SJO) and Jet Blue now flies to Liberia, Costa Rica, only a 5 hour direct flight from LAX, plus a scenic 4 hour drive through the mountains to Puerto Viejo de Limon. Shhhucks, why not?;)

Between the living coral reef there are calm pools for wading and basking in the sun. Sometimes the surf is up, but swimming, soaking, and just paddlin’ around is a perfectly acceptable way to while away some weekend hours at Salsa Brava, one of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica, if not the world.

It’s that time of season, cacao is dripping from the trees, and getting ready to roast for hot cocoa, double chocolate cookies, and powerful medicinal brews!

100% cacoa balls:))

Carpa la dia en Puerto Viejo de Limon, camping is par for la playa, where one may fish for dinner and sing for your just desserts;) Instead of pitching a tent, take a room at the Lizard King Resort, where you can cool off in the pool and refresh at happy hour, sarongs and bongos welcome.

black Irish cupcakes a la Lizard King Cafe

Pancakes at the Lizard King Resort

Organic CaRica Papaya










follow las caballas to where wild herbs, roses, hummingbirds await

Lizard King Resort Pina Organica














Photos: slamonica

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