Feeling Blue? This Valentine’s Day Chill Out with Caribbean Xantheose

Food, Travel Tips — By Sophia LaMonica on December 29, 2011 at 5:20 am

There are so very few places in the world one can go and truly let one’s hair down, have it braided, and get dreadlocks all in a long weekend, but Puerto Viejo de Limon, Talamanca, Costa Rica is one such place. When it comes to treating yourself to something out of the ordinary and downright mood changing this Valentine’s day, may we suggest a dash of the local criollo in a mini tea cup- a delicate, hot sweet shot to be savored with sugar for hours, or a rough hewn brew bitterly swigged down the hatch; only then will you begin to understand how Swiss Miss was created to keep babes in the woods at bay, not satisfy the soul searching scavengers of the jungle or replenish ravishers of the ever-yielding, always obliging, tropical rainforest.

Did you know that Theobromine, (aka xantheose) is so powerful in raw chocolate that it can rev up your heart healthily, calm you down instantly, ultimately lighten you up, and bring bliss in one fell swoop?

Heart of Cacao

The secrets of the ancients are scrawled on the lush landscape of Costa Rica’s Caribbean, where Christopher Columbus crowned this land the jewel of the Nile in 1502 and before that, the seed of these cacao fruits was valued by the Aztecs more than gold, for the dynamic power it has over our hearts and minds.

Sweet Cocoa Beans

Most of Costa Rica’s Caribbean cacao is still 100% organic, and is in full bloom now through the magical month of February.


Photos:  courtesy of Lizard King Resort



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