Sheridan’s Irish Whiskey Liqueur Coffee: The Perfect Pour is in Puerto Viejo

Food — By Sophia LaMonica on January 16, 2012 at 2:57 am

The slick double-sided Irish Whiskey Coffee Liqueur called Sheridan’s is perhaps an unlikely suspect to be found in a Mexican Restaurant in Costa Rica, but indeed the Lizard King Resort in Puerto Viejo de Limon is one select provider of this delicious beverage, straight from the revolutionary dual-color bottle dubbed the “Perfect Pour” by its panel of professional bottle testers and liqueur producers. Sheridan’s is as much a drink for the Irish Coffee connoisseur as it is for the curious sweet tooth. The first year of production was 1994, in Dublin, Ireland by Tomas Sheridan & Sons in a decidedly more difficult to maneuver decanter, with two bottle caps to untwist, one filled with whiskey and coffee flavor, the other is filled with a creamy white liqueur of  white milk chocolate.

Sheridan's The Perfect Pour

Instructions on the bottle neck now suggest that the bottle be tilted as it is poured into into a glass, causing the white liqueur to magically float on top of the black liqueur.

As of 2008, Sheridan’s is not available in the USA and may only be purchased in Duty Free shops on cruise ships and along the Canadian border. It has a silky sweet, rich and layered flavor that makes a statement, and leaves a lasting impression. For the month of March and on St. Patrick’s Day especially, Sheridan’s Irish Whiskey Liqueur Coffee will be served neat or over ice at the Lizard King Resort bar, with preference given to those wearing green and speaking in brogue. Erin go braugh!

Photo courtesy of flickr: Gim Allon

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