Snowpocalypse in Edinburgh

What's New — By Alex on December 3, 2010 at 9:42 pm

Winter weather pounded Edinburgh this past week: More than 12 inches of snow fell in the city, and nearly all transportation grinded to a halt. Edinburgh Airport is only just beginning to resume flights and train service is limited at Waverley Station, where icy temperatures have frozen tracks and brakes on the trains. Still, that doesn’t mean you should stay cooped up indoors – there’s much fun to be had in the snow. And at the very least, you can admire the city’s literal winter wonderland!

Here are some photos I snapped of our snowpocalypse:

The iconic Edinburgh Castle covered in snow

The snow is only starting to clear up

On a side street in the New Town

A (natural) Winter Wonderland

My sister's car in the morning!

My recommendations: Head to the Princes Street Christmas Funfair and German Market for holiday shopping, ice skating and fun fair rides for the the whole family.

Meanwhile, some brave souls are daring to hike up Arthur’s Seat in this bad weather – one was even snapped skiing:


But just be careful – the Edinburgh City Council has warned that walkers should stay away from slopes with heavy snow deposits as the extra weight could trigger an avalanche.

If you simply must stay indoors, entertain yourself and the kiddies by watching the live feed of the penguins at the Edinburgh Zoo, who apparently have been having the time of their life in the snow.

[Photo credits: All images by Alex Demianczuk]

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