Top 10 Wine Bars in Florence

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When you think of Tuscany, wine definitely comes to mind.  I sit here now writing this article with a nice red wine next to me.  Wine is something that fits with a plate of pasta, a bistecca fiorentino and of course with cheese and olives.  Wine bars are around every corner in Florence, but only the good ones you have to search for.  Here are 10 wine bars you must visit on your trip to Florence.  One at a time of course. 🙂

  1. Pitti Gola e Cantina— I found this wine bar this past fall while I was walking past the Palazzo Pitti.  This wine bar is owned by 2 young guys who really welcome each guest.  It is a small wine bar right on Piazza Pitti.  The wine selection ranges from Chianti Classico to the great Brunello di Montalcino.  Visit this wine bar on a warm summer evening and enjoy the view of the quiet Oltrarno.
  2. Fiaschetteria Nuvoli–If you are looking for a quick bite to eat or a nice long glass of wine, this is your place.  The door to this fiaschetteria is very small, pass through the locals and make your way downstairs where there are tables.  Located right behind the Baptistery, it is rarely seen or known.  The people are nice and are willing to recommend the special of the day and match it with a delicious glass of wine.  Very reasonably priced for the quality of food and drink you are receiving.
  3. CoquinariusIt has a small menu of different types of bruschette for antipasti, tasty meats and fish. Salads are a forte here; creative choices include toppings such as sun-dried tomatoes, eggplants, sunflower seeds, zucchini flowers or pear. This elegant, secluded bar has a wide range of wines from Italy, California, Argentina, Austria and Chile.  Never would you think you would be drinking an Argentine Malbec in Florence, did you?
  4. Le Volpe e L’UvaThis little wine bar, off the beaten path, is just the place for people looking to get away from those crowded squares.  It is located in a tiny square called Piazza dei Rossi.  It has a very welcoming atmosphere.  The staff is very helpful if you aren’t sure what to have.  They provide a hearty list of Italian wines from small producers throughout the country.  You will find wines in this shop that you won’t find anywhere else in Florence.
  5. Sei DivinoSimply meaning, “You are divine” in Italian. You will feel divine once you arrive at this venue. It is a great place to meet for an aperitivo.  The wines are too many to name and the cocktails are delicious.
  6. Dei Frescobaldi–Is one the most elegant wine bars located in the center.  The Frescobaldi family started producing wine 8 centuries ago.  Located on the corner of Piazza della Signoria, the wine bar contains a classy, stylish atmosphere for it’s patrons.  Enjoy a relaxing evening outside or inside at the bar with your glass of wine.
  7. Fuori Porta–You have a choice of over 500 wines at this locale.  They provide a special dish called crostone (a large crostini) that is served with fresh prosciutto, cheeses and vegetables.  Sitting on the steep street Via del Monte alle Croci, just outside La porta di San Niccolo (anicent city gate) great area to enjoy your wine.
  8. Plaz–A cocktail/wine bar in the evening and a cafe which serves delicious salads during the day.  The wines are on display each day and which one is on special.  The decor inside is very chic and posh but it’s crowd is very diverse.
  9. Caffe Sant’ Ambrogio–This wine bar is very famous among the young adults.  The bar spills it’s patrons onto the piazza outside where stands Chiesa di Sant’Ambrogio.  There are apertivi each evening as well.
  10. Cantina Barbagianni–A restaurant which excels in Italian cuisine that welcomes you into two ancient wine cellars in the heart of Florence.  Located right near the Duomo on Via S. Egidio 13/r, they have a wine list that encompasses the whole of Italy with a focus on Tuscan selections.  Wines are also available by the glass.


  • Tyler Renaghan says:

    What an amazing list…I’m definitely going to be hitting up one or all ten of these places on my next trip to Florence. Caffe Sain’ Ambrogio sounds like a perfect place to visit right on the edge of the piazza!

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    there are many wine bars in our area and i always visit them coz i love to drink ::

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    wine bars are great. my father installed a wine bar in my home and my wife also loved it ,.~


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