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Let’s go back 8 years when Katie was a student.  Well, I frequented places that really aren’t my cup of tea now.  My experience was amazing.  It changed the way I look at the world outside the US.  I was based in Fiesole about a 20 minute bus ride from Piazza San Marco, for 3 months in 2002.  I was lucky enough to have had a study abroad experience no one else could have.  When I took the first taxi ride from the airport, I was in complete culture shock.  How fast the taxis’ moved in and out of the lanes.  How close they got to other cars and cyclists’.  I was basically with my jaw to the floor of the taxi all the way up to Hotel Villa Bonelli in Fiesole.  When we came around the corner and I saw Fiesole nestled on the side of the hill looking out over Florence like a mother looking over child,  I was fascinated.  Never have I seen such beauty in my life, I thought.

Let’s go over some nice quick places to eat at during the day.  As I have mentioned before on this post, Vinaino di Parte Guelfa is great place to stop for a quick bite.  It is located in the center and depending on where your apartment is, perhaps you pass this location on your way to class.  The sandwiches are made right before your eyes and I am currently, slowly assisting the owners, Luca and Leonardo, in learning the English language.  Test their language skills by stopping by.

Luca and Leonardo Photo Credit Vinaino di Parte Guelfa

Another great place to eat a yummy pizza rather is called Borgo Antico, located in Piazza Santo Spirito.  The owner Michele is very kind and always willing to make room for a new customer.  The place is extremely busy on the weekends but during the week it is rather laid back.  The pizza can be taken to go as well, if you would like to sit on the stairs of the church and people watch the afternoon away.

PIZZA Photo Credit Borgo Antico

If you are craving a burger, I mean a really good burger, head over to The Diner.  The prices are reasonable and the milkshakes are even better than home.  The Diner is small so come early for brunch or late in the afternoon to get a table.

A Diner (not in florence) Photo Credit Muffet(Flickr)

Clubs in Florence are lively with the high student population.  Here are a couple that are popular with live music, chicken wings, the works.

BeBop Club has a wide variety of live music that plays nightly.  Set in a sweaty underground venue, caters to many international students.  A great way to spend the winter months in Florence.  You will stay toasty with your fellow students.

Space Electronic Discoteca, is one place that is packed almost every night with students.  A happening joint, with taxi service at the end the night.  Three floors of dancing fun.  It can hold up to 800 people which gives you the ability to meet a ton of people.  Their DJs keep up with the most popular international music.

More Clubs to come…

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  • georgette says:

    I would suggest buongustai, via dei cerchi 15/r ( near piazza signoria ) which is a very small trattoria with a daily menu.. pasta plates are around 5.50 euro and everything is AMAZING!!!!!! i love their carbonara, risotto, roast beef, and bruschetta with beans and truffle oil! CHEAP and amazing. what more could you want!

    I love the diner! very very good, and chill place and I recently discovered cafe deluxe ( on via nazionale ) which has good bacon and egg bagels and burgers

  • katiegreenaway says:

    Thanks Georgette!! I will be adding those to my list. Especially buongustai!


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