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Winetown Florence 2010 starts today until Sunday the 3rd.  It is 4 days with 30 locations such as piazze and palazzi with wine-tasting going on.  Grab a handful of your friends and drink wines from all the world.  Stop at a kiosk, buy a wine card which comes with a glass and begin enjoying all types of wine.  The wine cards are 10 euros but you can also reserve a card online here.  Bring the printed sheet to a kiosk, sign it and you will get your wine card.  This card will also get you into a number of museums and ride the bus and park FREE.  There will be over 300 top international winemakers present.  Don’t miss it!!

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The International European Market kicks off today as well until Sunday.  It will be held in Piazza Santa Croce with a plethora of food, beer, wine(from WineTown), and all type of handmade crafts and clothes from all over the world.  Another must visit.

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Festival of Agriculture is the mega-farmers market taking place in Cascine Park from Friday October 1st to Sunday October 3rd.  It is a celebration of Italy’s 150th Anniversary as a united peninsula.  The country farmers and their products will be invading Florence.  An event for all ages, there will be petting zoos, horseback riding, workshops, performances and much more.  To arrive at Cascine Park you will take the Tramvia from the station.

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