An Osteria with charm, conversation and Tartufo

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Osteria da Ganino was founded in 1987 by Henri, born in France, and Angelo, from Campania.  They have a clientele that varies from tourists to Italians.  Usually the tourists arrive early and the Italians arrive after.  I was lucky enough to sit near the counter where Giuseppe and Laura made the antipasti plates of crostini and meats like prosciutto and salame.

Osteria da Ganino is located on Piazza Cimatori 4/r where many people wonder by on long walks through the city. There are tables available outside as well as long tables inside where you can find yourself sitting with other guests. The piazza is a quiet one where people pass by, curious on what Osteria da Ganino has to offer. It is a warm atmosphere where you can feel comfortable sitting there all night long. The prices are reasonable for the quality of food you will receive.

I sampled an antipasti plate of delicious crostini in a round with a vast array of salame, prosciutto and cheese. I was beside myself with glee. I enjoy eating all the specialties of the house especially if it is a new place. Henri also opens a full bottle of Chianti for me, in which I reply, I will not drink all this. He says “Drink as much as you want.” 🙂

Vino and Mortadella

For my first course(primi piatti), I then chose my addiction at the moment, tartufo. Before receiving my pasta with tartufo, Henri let me smell both the Tartufo Bianco(white truffle) and the Tartufo Nero(black truffle). My nostrils jumped with joy after I smelled the tartufo bianco. When I received my tagliatelle con tartufo sauce, Henri shredded fresh tartufo bianco and tartufo nero over the top of it. Of course I enjoyed them both.

Tagliatelle con tartufo

The pasta melted in my mouth as the flavors of each kind of tartufo swam in my mouth.  I wanted this pasta to last forever.


For my second course (secondo piatto), I chose polpette and carciofi fritte(meatballs and fried artichokes). I will be honest I couldn’t finish the artichokes but I for sure gobbled down the meatballs. Whenever I go out to eat I usually order things I don’t normally eat at home.  Meat is one of them.

Torta di Mela

I end my night with a small, very small slice of his torta di mela (apple cake). Un caffe` ends my night with Henri, Giuseppe and Laura. Alas, I enjoyed myself immensely with each delectable dish that was served to me.

This grand restaurant has a grand atmosphere. Hearing the clanging of dishes and ringing of wine glasses makes me feel that everyone here is eating well and enjoying their evening. A busy place, despite the economic crisis, they have reservations mostly every night. But as the evenings here in Florence are becoming colder, I would suggest making a reservation as well. The inside isn’t small but if there are large groups of people on the night you choose, you might have to wait to get a table. I hope whoever tries this quaint osteria chats with the staff like I did, they are very kind and speak English quite well. If you want to practice your Italian, they will be very grateful as well.

Osteria da Ganino

Piazza dei Cimatori, 4r

Tel: 055 214125

Closed on Sundays

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