Electric cars, more bike paths in Florence

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The Ecopass scheme started in London and was introduced in 2008 by Milan’s city council. The idea is to collect tolls for vehicles that enter the city center limited traffic zone. Mayor Renzi’s knows of the success of the Milan and London programs to keep the traffic low in the city center, but he has another idea up his sleeve. The Ecopass program he has suggested for Florence starting in 2016 will have different objectives. He is considering of allowing only electric cars into the city center. He explained, ‘as the Tramvias will be up and running in 2016, it will be a perfect time to start Ecopass’. There will also be new bicycle lanes and hopefully more electric cars on the streets of Florence. He added, ‘If we do this, we will easily be considered one of the world’s capitals of sustainable living.’

Ecopass: More electric cars and bike paths Photo Credit MSN

I can’t stop loving Mayor Renzi; a passionate, determined man among the rest.

Thank you Mayor Renzi for making the best decisions for Florence! 🙂

Information sourced from The Florentine.

Photo credit: MSN

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  • Erica Firpo says:

    We need this in Rome. CarSharing and BikeSharing are great, but EcoPass would be over the top. Good job, Florence!


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