Enjoy a Bike Ride in Florence

Things to Do — By katiegreenaway on April 21, 2011 at 10:17 am
Bike riding is a common mode of transportation in Florence. It is how I get around the city. Walking can get tiring but when you have a bike to transport you, you are already one with the locals. There are many bike paths where it is less stressful that riding along side the cars. From Florence there is a great bike path that can take you to along the Arno river towards Signa. The scenic route has always a much more reason to stop at every available bench. On the way to Signa, your eyes will be opened to wide open spaces of the Tuscan landscape. If you an avid photographer it would be important to bring your camera for this activity. 

The bike path leading to Signa is a rather easy ride. It is on mostly flat land. It is 8 miles long that starts in Parco delle Cascine and ends in Parco dei Renai. In Parco dei Renai, there is a swimming pool, there is also a beach where you can learn to windsurf or just soak up some rays by the lake. You can rent bikes in the center at Segway Tours located right near Piazza della Signoria. Enjoy the city like a resident, bumping along the cobblestones and watching Florence pass by. Just like a local!

My bike from Segway Tours