Via Tornabuoni,Piazza Pitti only for pedestrians 21st June

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Via Tornabuoni and Piazza Pitti will soon be only for pedestrian copying Piazza del Duomo. Mayor Renzi doesn’t stop to amaze me. He has proposed on Facebook as well as reported in the La Nazione that he has begun the talks to make Via Tornabuoni and Piazza Pitti in a pedestrian street. Renzi and the president of ATAF have begun discussing¬† how they could re-route the buses that pass through Via Tornabuoni. There will for sure be new bus lines added to the plethora of lines which will utilize the connection from Via Tornabuoni to Piazza Stazione.

Piazza Pitti

Even though there was a lot of negative response with the closing of Piazza del Duomo, after a while I think both the fiorentini and the visitors were able to enjoy the majestic city how it should be seen. Without a million buses and cars passing by, loud and congested with both huge tourists groups and locals trying to cross the piazza with their bikes. Now, I can admit that I can for sure appreciate the city more with the ability to easily ride through the most popular piazze in Florence. This change is supposed to take place on the 21st of June. So keep you eyes peeled for the new bus lines that will be changing.

Via Tornabuoni

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