Summer is slowly arriving in Florence

Things to Do, Travel Tips — By katiegreenaway on May 18, 2011 at 2:19 pm

Florence has starting blooming again. This is my favorite time of year in Florence. Gives you an excuse to enjoy the sunshine during the day by frequenting a park or garden. The sun doesn’t full set until after 9pm. Oh the bliss! Swimming pools will start to open in June where all the people who are stuck in the center for the weekend will flock to. The heat will soon be bothersome but I am looking forward to being tan all the time, since I ride my bike all over the city. I hope you enjoy these photos I have taken recently.

The sun is slowly warming Florence's parks and gardens

A photo from where I used to work. I saw this every day once I reached the top of the hill. I'm lucky!

On May 9th was Europe Day. Here is what Florence did to celebrate.

Can you see what I see? Taken in San Quirco through the window of a Fiat 500

A gorgeous yellow rose catching some rays in the afternoon sun. Taken in San Qurico.