Raining like cats and Huge balls of Hail!

What's New — By katiegreenaway on June 10, 2011 at 8:05 am

Over the weekend, thankfully I decided not to leave the house, the clouds opened over the Tuscan sky. It was something I’ve seen before but it was much earlier in the spring. I watched with my neighbor the buckets of rain pour from the sky, from about 3pm Sunday till about 7pm. Nonstop. I snapped some shots from my street view window and even a few of my plants drowning. 🙁

Hail pounding the pavement. Photo Credit: Katie Greenaway

I was flabbergasted when I saw the water coming up from my neighbors cantina (basically the sewer) and the smell took over the giardino. Needless to say I kept the door closed after that. The lightening struck violently as well. It was hard to believe that it really is June. Then today, every time I exited a building I was soaked. When I entered a lesson, the rain would stop. It was like I was being challenged. “So Katie, can you make it home even when waves of dirty sewer water are lapping onto your shins?”

This was one of the rivers I rode through today with my bike. Photo Credit: La Nazione

I am always challenged by this city but sometimes I want to shake my fist at Florence. Sometimes it is too much. But at least it is summer, well somewhat.

Here are some more pictures of my giardino:

Buckets of rain

Hail filling my vases.

Crazy rainstorms in June

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