Dealing with Scams in Florences

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Florence is not a place you must constantly watch your back, but like any city you are unfamiliar with you must be aware of what the city is offering you. As I have mentioned before one of the biggest scams in Florence, as well as all over Italy, is the selling of the fake designer bags. These bags are sold by Africans who lay their merchandise on a white sheet on the streets of Florence, usually during the evening and try to persuade young travelers and tourists to purchase these fake bags. Keep in mind it is illegal what they are doing. And if you purchase one and get caught, you will be fined and hefty sum in Euro. 

Tourists browsing the merchandise

Another scam to look out for is when you choose a restaurant in Florence. As you must feel overwhelmed by all the walking and visiting of all the historical monuments, usually the selection of where to eat is low on the list. If you look carefully at the menu before entering and if the menu is in English or in many other languages, don’t go in. These places aren’t authentic Italian. Most of the time they don’t cook their food fresh. It is better to look up the restaurants that people have been to, check out these I have enjoyed and always eaten very well: Top Ten Restaurants.

Fresh food and friendly people

Florence is an expensive city not only for the tourists but for the residents as well. The fact that a beer is 5 euro, is really just how it is. There is no need to complain about this fact. The food offered at any pub or bar will always be more expensive especially if you are sitting outside in the piazza. I hear tourists complain about the prices of things, but do keep in mind you are in Florence, a city rich in culture, art and architecture. Enjoy the city as it is, one moment at a time.

A summer's eve in Piazza della Signoria

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