What to Pack for a Florence Winter Holiday

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Just around the corner the cool breezes from the north will sweep through the streets of Florence. Oh how cold it will be! Especially when I am riding my bike. Brr! One thing to know if you are planning a trip to Florence in November and December, be aware of the many days of rain.

Rain pouring down on tourists in Piazza della Signoria

I would suggest packing a poncho to wear over your clothes when sightseeing. The days of rain are upon us and no one is looking forward to it. Soon after winter will take over and brush by your face giving you a grand chill up and down your spine. When you are walking from museum to museum you will understand what I mean.

Scarves being sold in Florence

I would pack scarves, sweaters, gloves and hats. If you are coming from a cold climate perhaps you don’t need all of these garments but you will be surprised how cold it gets when the wind pushes you along the sidewalk with an ability to almost pick you up off the ground. The important thing to remember is that many of the buildings in Florence aren’t heated like most places in the States or elsewhere. The churches are even colder since they are built of stone and marble. Layering your clothing will be helpful as well. The weather can change suddenly in Florence. It could be a sunny but chilly morning and within a few hours it could be pouring down rain and windy. I would pack a good, but small size umbrella, speaking of random rain showers. The ones they sell in the street are cheap and break very easily.

Dusk in the purple sky

As Florence tends to drain of tourists during November, December, January and February, it is a great time to see the city without waiting in the long lines in the heat.

Photo credit: Rain in Florence, Scarves in Florence, Dusk-Katie Greenaway

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  • Amanda W says:

    Great tips! I lived in Florence from August to mid-December, and it definitely got a lot colder than I ever expected it to. Even as a New Yorker used to frigid winters and tons of snow a winter coat was a must!


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