Parco di Montececeri, where da Vinci flew

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Parco di Montececeri is a park that was discovered in the early 20th century. It is famous for its sandstone known as “pietra fiesolana” or the stone of Fiesole. It has been used by sculptors since the 15th century. Pietra fiesolana was used in creating monuments and buildings during the reign of the Medici family. At one point, the Medici family banned people from the quarries but only using the stone for Florentine monuments. Today, Parco di Montececeri is full of paths and fantastic scenery.

View from Parco di Montececeri

Montececeri is also known as the “luogo leonardiano” or Leonardo’s place. It is noted that this was the place where Leonardo da Vinci attempted to take flight with his hand made wings. Montececeri means Mount of the Swan. He mentions Mont Ceceri in one of his drawings of the profile of the hills around Florence. Along the main road that links Florence to Fiesole there is a plague on the wall of Villa La Torossa that recalls Leonardo da Vinci’s human flight attempt.

The plague of where Leonardo da Vinci took his first flight

Parco di Montececeri is an amazing spot for photography lovers, hikers and perfect for staying cool during the hot summer days. Buy a piping hot pizza or a panino from the piazza in Firenze and bring it up to this gorgeous landscape of nature and solace. A perfect way to enjoy the summer in Florence. You can take a taxi to the park or take the number 7 bus where you can walk to the park from San Domenico.

Address of Parco di Montececeri:
Fiesole, Via Cave di Maiano

Photo credit: View from Parco, Plague of da Vinci

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