When 7-Eleven turns into a souvenir shop on the Peak

Things to Do, Travel Tips — By Shirley Yau on May 14, 2011 at 5:34 am

When you get off the Peak Tram on your way, the first shops that greet you are the souvenir shops, you’ll see wax or fiberglass molding of baby’s hands, Chinese chops and Chinese calligraphy,toys, massage products, miniature fridge magnet dim sum, postcards, shirts, Chinese shoes and glitzy electronics but if you’ll just hold on just a second. There is actually another more noteworthy and different souvenir shop at the Peak Galleria and you wouldn’t expect this from a 7-Eleven convenience store.


The 7-Eleven Convenience Store on top of the Peak, Hong Kong's main tourist attraction

What’s so special? Looks just like another convenience store mobbed by hungry and thirsty tourists.


If you look closely enough you'll see that the signs above the racks and shelves are actually street signs in Hong Kong!

Hong Kongers are so fond of everything Japanese you’ll find most snacks are imported from Japan. Snacks like Chocolate Pocky, Pretz, Meiji Chocolate Bars, Melty Kiss, Seaweed flavoured chips and strawberry flavoured cookies.


Even the "Gift Tins" are from Japan. They sell infant formula.

Now the Baby formula isn’t really targeting anyone visiting Hong Kong from Western countries because who buys baby formula as a souvenir to take back home? Instead you’ll find that mainland Chinese tourists have a growing penchant for Japanese/foreign baby formula. The rising class of Nouveau riche tourists from China remain skeptical about home made Chinese infant formulas and generally like to buy tins and tins of Japanese infant formula instead. Prices shot up triple fold after the Fukoshima radiation scare about the continued supply so rumour has it that people still stock up.


There actually is a Water Street in the Western District of Hong Kong. Water Street is located at Sai Ying Pun.

Hello Kitty bubble blowers, hand held fans, mirrors and torches are still working their charm on tourists, who adopt it as a fashion statement.


The saccharine candy town in 7-Eleven. Sugar Street is actually a real street in Causeway Bay. From 1866 to 1868, it was the location the Hong Kong Mint, the only mint in Hong Kong.

How to get there: Take the Peak Tram to the Peak Galleria
Location: Shop No. 4-5, Ground Floor, The Peak Galleria
Telephone: 28492150
Opening Hours: 7:00am – 11:00pm

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