Summer in Krakow has begun!

Events, What's New — By Chris on June 21, 2010 at 10:38 pm

Greetings from Krakow!
I am proud to officially announce the summer beginning thus the tourist season is fully open. Great time to start bloggin’ as well.
Here you will find up-to-date info right from the heart of Poland and upcoming events you should not miss, interesting local gossips & lots of other stuff. Hope you’ll enjoy.
So let’s begin with the latest news from Poland generally.
Yesterday the presidential election was carried out and Bronislaw Komorowski came up first with 41 % while Jaroslaw Kaczynski – twin brother of tragically killed Lech Kaczynski – was second with 35%. Second round of the elections is necessary and will be carried out on the 4th of July.
Southern Poland is recovering after the flood, there are some areas where the water still remains, however the situation is getting better every day.
Krakow was very busy at night on 17th June. And that was because of the Theater Night. This annual event started only a few years ago and has gained popularity especially among young people who – on this special occasion – have the opportunity to watch a play in one of the 11 city theaters totally for free! Tickets were sold long before and crowds gathered in the buildings & outside on some open-air ceremonies & plays. Just take a look at the most monumental theater in Krakow – Slowacki Theater. Wasn’t it lovely lightened?

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