Concierge Picks at Number Sixteen

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Number Sixteen in South Kensington

Nestled into a stunning side street in South Kensington just steps away from London’s Museum Mile and shopping mecca of Knightsbridge you’ll find Number Sixteen, a gorgeous Victorian, 42 room boutique hotel decorated in chic English elegance. With all that style and grace finding a cheerful, helpful staff was an added bonus. I had the opportunity to speak with hotel’s seasoned concierge Zoltan Farkas (see picture, far right) about his nightlife recommendations. ¬†And while he hails from southeastern Hungry, his heart lies in London.

Where would you send visitors for a good local vibe?

The Pig's Ear (courtesy of Monica Arellano-Ongpin)

Probably to Bumpkin, a nice English gastropub not far from the hotel or if they would like a longer neighborhood walk then I’d send them to the Pig’s Ear in Chelsea, another friendly pub. Both are in walking distance of the hotel. Good for meals and¬†drinks, very British.


For a date?

Instead of a pub then, I’d go for something more romantic, Daphne’s definitely. Really nice Italian food, popular with locals. They have fires in the winter or conservatory dining and a pre-theatre menu. Or maybe Patara for modern Thai cuisine, best Thai in London. Both of these restaurants are also in walking distance of Number Sixteen.

Patara for Thai cuisine

What about for a guy’s night?

Depends … if it’s a pub and football, then I’d send them to The Zetland Arms just a two minute walk from the hotel. If it’s for dancing and music, I like O’Neill’s on Shaftsbury near Chinatown. It’s in the nightlife area of London and has three floors playing different decades of music and has a late night license.

Guy's Night Out: The Zetland Arms (photo courtesy of Ewan-M)

And for a girl’s night?

Easy, I would send them to the famous Boujis Club just around the corner from the hotel. It’s a Prince Harry hang-out and attracts all those other high maintenance types but definitely a fun night out. We have an agreement with the club to add names to their guest list.

Boujis by day

Where do you go out?

My girlfriend and I really enjoy the local gastropubs around London, but for nightlife, the O’Neill’s I mentioned earlier is one of my favorites. My next destination for a night out will be to The Troubadour Club for live music and their new wine bar in Fulham, my neighborhood.

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