Life is Sweet at London’s Rococo Chocolates

Food — By Sarah Sekula on August 17, 2010 at 4:07 pm

The goofy grin on my face said it all; I had just feasted on chocolate for breakfast. And I’m not talking Cookie Crisps cereal or a syrup-drizzled croissant. I’m talking almond-sized chunks of pure chocolate washed down with a creamy cup of, you guessed it, hot chocolate.

It’s only happened once, you see, rarely do go cuckoo for cocoa at any time of day. I’m not one for scarfing down a Hershey’s bar for a 3 p.m. pick-me-up; I’d opt instead for an organic apple or soy crisps. Likewise, ordering a slice of devil’s food cake after dinner doesn’t tempt me either.

With that said, I still reveled in my early-morning tour of Rococo Chocolates while in London this summer. I opened the door and immediately fell into a trance of raspberry-covered this and nutty nougat that.

I was surrounded and completely overwhelmed — in a very good way.

Photo courtesy of Rococo Chocolates

In the glass case below the cash register were hand-painted chocolates shaped like rainbow trout. To my right, silky milk chocolate with crunchy hazelnuts and, to my left, dark chocolate organic chili pepper bars.

See, every nook and cranny at Rococo is simply irresistible, even if you aren’t of the chocolate obsessed set. From the bright-colored packaging to the little garden behind the store full of geranium, jasmine and lavender plants, it is utter perfection. Owner, Chantal Coady, goes way out of her way to make sure everything is just so.

If you’re lucky enough to run into her, you’ll find out she has been obsessed with chocolate ever since she watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as a child, and that she started concocting deluxe varieties around 1983. Since then, she’s opened several stores, penned a book entitled Real Chocolate, launched The Chocolate Society and kickstarted the Campaign for Real Chocolate.

Photo courtesy of Rococo Chocolates

Best of all, she’s sharing her knowledge. At Rococo’s School of Chocolate you can attempt to make the perfect chocolate truffle, discover the exact science of whipping up chocolate mousse and even how to create tasty figurines. Rococo, simply put, rules. I have no doubt that next time I visit I will, for a brief period of time, become a chocoholic again. See for more sweet-themed excursions.

Rococo Chocolates (Belgravia location)
5 Motcomb Street, London SW1X 8JU; +44(0)20 7245 0993; Other stores are located in Marylebone and Chelsea.

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