Photo Friday: South Bank Entertainment

Things to Do — By Erin Gallagher Maury on October 8, 2010 at 9:30 am

Just south of the Thames near Westminster Bridge where the South Bank begins (or ends depending how you view it) lies a street performer’s dreamland. Millions of visitors pass this area en route to the London Eye, Big Ben, the London Aquarium or to the National Theatre begging to be entertained. Statues who come to life when heavy coins (they can tell if they’re under 50p) are dropped into hats, chain saw jugglers on unicycles, out of place mariachi bands, acrobats flipping backwards off the bank into the sand below, American Idol rejects belting out tunes and some mighty poor/fine impersonators set up shop and will work as long as they have a captive paying audience. Be sure to take your camera when you go!

Freestyle bike practice in a car park below the London Eye

Shaking down a chintzy tourist for more coins

It's not all for the kids

Taking an ale break

Even if the act isn't that fab the views sure are

Your guess is as good as mine

Artists in action under the SouthBank Centre

Skateboarders pretend not to notice the watching public

Flipping (image courtesy of JB London)

[images courtesy of Erin Maury]

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