Should You Stay in a Condo or Hotel when Visiting Maui?

Things to Do, What's New — By keithdevey on March 19, 2012 at 4:41 am

If you are coming to Maui but you don’t have any friends or family to open their doors and host your stay, you have two options to choose from:  hotel or condominium.  What would be the best for you?

Many Maui visitors choose the comfort and convenience of a resort hotel.  Hotels here can offer many amenities to increase your pleasure as you enjoy your Maui holiday.  Our hotels have beautiful grounds and swimming pools, plus services such as valet parking, room service, concierge information, and a variety of dining and even shopping right on their site.  However, there are some “cons” to consider when staying in a hotel.  Prices are relatively expensive considering room size.  You will only accommodate two or four guests in a room, and hotel guests will need to buy all their meals while on the island.  Hotels have more enforced rules and may be less kid-friendly than condominiums. The two most popular cities on Maui for staying in a hotel are Wailea and Ka’anapali.

This leads us to our second choice, a resort condominium.  Your condominium will generally be larger and can offer separate rooms for various family members, welcoming families of six, eight and even more.  Some condos can be just as nice as hotels but with a cheaper price tag, considering the size of the unit.  Guests can choose to prepare meals in the privacy of their own kitchen, or even use a barbeque for a family cookout.  Condos typically have fewer rules and are definitely kid-friendly. Sports teams traveling to Maui will probably like condos because most Maui condos come with washer and dryer units.  One thing to consider is that staying in a condo may help you get a more “local” exposure to the friendly people of Maui, as you may be located within or near a residential area.  Some of the “cons” to condo staying include doing your own parking, doing without some services and amenities, and settling for less impressive grounds keeping and exotic landscaping.

If you are thinking of searching for Maui condominiums, I suggest a look at to access a local agency which has serviced Maui visitors for the past 30 years.  Whether you finally choose a hotel room or a condo unit, I hope you love your Maui stay.

[Image source: Flickr user nordique]