Top 10 Places to Meet Locals in Moab

Things to Do, What's New — By julietrevelyan on October 25, 2011 at 9:21 pm

One of the best parts of traveling is meeting the locals. They’ll tell you what it’s like living in their town, show you the best things to do, tip you to the best restaurants. (That is, as long as you’re being cool with them.) Where do you find such hallowed locals in Moab, Utah? We reveal the top ten places to rub elbows with the local crowd in Moab. Just promise us you’ll be a good traveler when you meet them.

1) Moab Farmers Market

May through October, this is where locals descend for fresh produce, crafts, and chit-chat time. Come check it out.

2) Zax Restaurant

Pizza, beer, chill atmosphere. No wonder the locals like it.

3) Potash Road

This is where the rock climbers hang out. You can drive the road, camp, walk, and make casual conversation with folks.

photo: nicholasigilbert/Flickr

4) Moab Brewery

It’s good, it’s got ambiance, and the locals eat here.

5) Behind the Rocks

This is a true locals’ playground. This means it’s a cool spot to meet genuine Moabites.

6) Mill Creek

On a hot summer’s day, the locals do come here to play. Swimming holes, waterfalls, and petroglyphs.

photo: mollystevens/Flickr

7) Wicked Brew

This drive-thru coffee joint isn’t your traditional hang out, but locals can be found lounging on nice days. Called the best coffee in town, locals flock here.

8) Back of Beyond Books

Small, independent bookstores are high up on the endangered species list, which is too bad since they can be really great places to meet locals. Back of Beyond, which recently combined with former Arches Book Company to become one store, offers events and friendly staff that can encourage mingling with locals.

9) Woody’s Tavern

Live music, brewskies, pool. It jumps, it jives, it shakes with locals.

photo: Iversonic/Flickr

10) Frankie D’s Bar & Grill

More music, sustainable food, and just a cool scene to hang out for an evening.


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