Sego Canyon Ghost Town: Fun Day Trip from Moab

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About 30 minutes north of outdoor adventure town Moab, you’ll find the old ghost town known as Sego Canyon. This spooky (okay, it’s not really) place boasts forgotten old mine structures, ancient rock panels, and just fun explore-y type things that can fill a nice little chunk of your time in one day.

Utah's state flower, the Sego Lily

 photo: Matt Lavin/Flickr

Ancient rock art panels will be some of the first things you see, right from the road. Anasazi (Ancestral Puebloan), Barrier Canyon style, and Ute artwork all grace the canyon walls here and there. Take your time to admire these enduring depictions of life then; they are beautiful, clearly different in style, and should send your imagination spinning. Many of the humanlike Barrier Canyon images seem spectral or even otherworldly, with their oversized eyes.

Barrier Canyon style petroglyphs in Sego Canyon

 photo: Alaskan Dude/Flickr

The ghost town part of Sego Canyon consists of the remains of an old coal mining camp. Rickety wood structures, tumbled-down stone walls, and half-standing old railroad bridges lie scattered about. It’s fascinating to wander through and wonder about what it was like to be there in the town’s heyday at the turn of the 20th century.

coal mine carts

image: Images


How to get from Moab to Sego Canyon: Head north on the 191 out of Moab. When you hit I-70, go east. Take Exit 185 north through the itty-bitty town of Thompson. Continue about three miles to Sego Canyon Road and voila, you are there. You will see of the rock art panels right from the road. The Sego Canyon ghost town is about a mile and a half up the road. A parking area and outhouse are available at the first large rock art panel (on your left).


Note: the Sego Canyon area, including the old mining structures and many of the rock art panels, is mostly located on private property. While the property owners graciously allow public access, please remember to treat the area with respect.

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