$5 Lunch in Myrtle Beach: Delaney’s Dog Haus

Food — By spencerspellman on June 16, 2010 at 7:17 pm

You’ll be hard pressed to find any establishment not only in Myrtle Beach, but the entire U.S., where you’ll be able to mix and match as many items for $5 as you can at Delaney’s Dog Haus. A newer establishment to Myrtle Beach, you guessed it, Delaney’s is a Myrtle Beach hot dog restaurant. Although it features an extensive menu with a variety of different items, Delaney’s specialty is hot dogs. The Father/Son duo of this hot dog joint isn’t like just any hot dog restaurant, as they are from New Jersey, bringing the taste of Jersey’s famous dogs to the south.

Delaney’s Dog Haus has just about every type of sandwich and basket you can think of. Fish sandwich, chicken tenders, philly steak, grilled chicken, egg salad; they have it all. As good as all these options are, you can’t go to Delaney’s without have a juicy hot dog. It offers a variety of different dogs, including the Hebrew National, sausage dog, corn dog and even mini corn dogs.

There are a variety of mix and match combinations that guests can do for less than $5. Guests who just want a juicy dog, can get three hot dogs for less than $5. Toppings like cheese, relish and sauerkraut are $.50 extra. While a regular hot dog is $1.49, the footlong is $2.69, which still allows to get a side item to go with it. My personal favorite is the sausage dog, which is $2.49.

Delaney’s Dog Haus has a long list of sides to accompany your dog. These include fried mushrooms, fried mac and cheese bites, fried pickles and fried onion rings. Do you see a recurring theme here? If you’re in Myrtle Beach, then you have to splurge a little. To get your total under $5, you’ll have to go with either fries or tater tots. If you get just a hot dog and fries, you’ll get out of Delaney’s for $3. For bigger appetites like myself, get a couple dogs and an order of fries and you’ll have your $5 lunch.

[photo courtesy of churl]

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