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Travel Tips — By Debbi Tannock on July 13, 2010 at 8:38 pm

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We all get to that moment of truth-after booking the hotel, arranging for a rental car and getting a sitter for Fido-you wonder ‘what should I pack’?

If your on your way to downtown Nashville, we got ya covered! Follow the next three packing lists and you will look like a local in Music City.

Necessary items

  • Walking shoes-Whether you park at the hotel or in a garage, you will be doing a lot of walking. Save the tootsies on your way to Tootsies!
  • Camera-Stick your favorite digital camera in a pocket or purse before you leave your room. We have country music stars and movie stars here all the time and you never know when you will bump into one while shopping or having dinner.
  • Autograph book-You know you wanna ask them for it. Why not make it easier!
  • Hat-During the summer, its almost a given. The sun is hot and you need to be protected.
  • Spare bag-There is no way that you will come all the way to Music City and not get Aunt Martha a souvenir; or the kids a cool t-shirt. Make sure you have a spare bag to pack all your new trinkets in when you leave.

Totally unnecessary items

  • iPod-If your in downtown Nashville, there is music everywhere. Don’t miss out on the local flavor by wearing earphones and bopping to the beat of a different drum. Save it for your trip home.
  • Fanny pack-You might as well scream ‘I’m a tourist’ if you wear one of these. Enough said.

Things you might not think to pack…but come in pretty handy

  • Scarf/shawl-It may be hot outside but when you walk into a honky-tonk, you will freeze your tush off if you don’t have something to cover those bare arms. Stash a wrap in your bag before you leave the hotel room.
  • Itinerary- Do some research before you leave home. Look up all the places you want to see and make an itinerary, then print it up. It will come in handy. Need help with that? Click here to get started.
  • Cell phone-Don’t leave your room without it! Family’s get separated, or lost, or get too tired to walk and need to call a cab. Look up a couple of local taxi numbers and put them in your phone before you get to Nashville. It could be a life saver.

There you have it! If you follow the rules on this list, you will look like a local and have a much more enjoyable time in Music City. See ya on Broadway!

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