Supermarket Sweep: Gourmet Garage

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If you’re looking for super-size supermarkets, you won’t find many in New York City (and especially not in Manhattan). Space is at a premium, and many grocery stores in this city have aisles barely wide enough to push your cart along. But if you’re looking for a good supermarket where you can stock up on snacks to enjoy during your trip, head to Gourmet Garage.

This mini-chain has six locations in Manhattan, all conveniently located in well-trafficked areas of the city (there’s one in Soho, one in the West Village, and two each on the Upper East Side and Upper West Side) to make it easy to stock your hotel mini-fridge or shoulder bag when you’re on the go.

Here are some essential snacks I found on a recent trip to the branch at Broadway and 96th Street:

New York Flatbreads – Crunchy, fresh and delicious, available in flavors such as poppy, sesame, onion, garlic and plain (you’ll want them in all of the above).

“New York Novie” Smoked Atlantic Salmon – If you’ve got access to a fridge, or are packing a picnic, this is paired with cream cheese and piled on the flatbreads. Even better, pick up a real New York bagel (local favorites include Ess-a-Bagel and H&H) and enjoy a classic pairing.

Tate’s Bake Shop Cookies – These crispy, buttery cookies (from the namesake bakery located in the summer hotspot of Southampton) are the perfect sweet treat. Enjoy them with some locally produced milk in a cute retro glass milk bottle from Ronnybrook Farm Dairy.

Anna’s Ginger Thins – Yes, more cookies. These may be Swedish (by way of Canada), but they’re no less delicious for not being local to New York. Wafer-thin and spicy, they’ll be gone before you get the bag back to your hotel.

Boylan vintage soda pop – A New York favorite, these drinks come in classic flavors (including birch beer, cherry cola, orange and grape) and are produced by a family-owned company that has largely stuck to its original recipes (featuring pure cane sugar) since 1891. Diet and all-natural varieties are also available.

Those are just a few of the tasty snack options I found on my Supermarket Sweep through Gourmet Garage. What will you find?

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