Café Hopping in New York City

Things to Do — By Alisha Miranda on March 11, 2011 at 6:19 pm

This city is full of local hangouts that attract cult coffee drinkers and Wi-Fi seekers. Each neighborhood throughout New York offers select picks of specialized brews and flavors – ask the locals and you’ll get the rundown of which are the best to frequent, along with recommended spots to plug away. In this list, I want to highlight cafes that have it all: a good cup of Joe, tasty snacks, friendly staff, free (or cheap) Wi-Fi, and a unique atmosphere. So digital nomads seeking a productive and delicious workday out of the office get your pen and paper ready!

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B Cup Café – East Village

Tucked in the back corner of 13th Street near Alphabet City is a Mediterranean-inspired cozy café welcoming those in search of seclusion. Perfect on a cold day, B Cup has seasonal soups and salads to keep you toasty along with richly flavored coffee standards. The portions are just right and the eclectic setting take you away from the city. Grab a seat in one of the plush seats or tables and open a book or start writing, no one will bother you as you tap put your thinking cap on. This is your place to zone out.

Grey Dog Coffee – West Village

Though they have a strict “no laptop” policy, the scene here – a bit of country-style homey feel and SoCal-esque staff makes up for this minor setback.. In fact, if you want to take a break from your computer screen and instead resort to traditional pen and paper, pop into Grey Dog’s on Carmine Street after the lunch rush to score prime work hours. Grab a latte and choose from the plethora of menu items including their monster sandwiches, hearty soups of the day, or yummy sides – all at affordable prices and with healthy selections. A table near the window makes for good people watching, so sit back and soak in this buzzing café amongst other lit folk.

Artopolis Espresso – Upper West Side

No wonder this is a favorite spot amongst Columbia students – what’s not to love? Greek desserts and pastries welcome you upon entering the shop immediately getting your taste buds in frenzy. The staff is friendly and ready to please if you want to secure yourself a table, just don’t mind the noise as this place is always bustling with hungry locals meeting up with friends. Laptop users are welcome here, and while you’re there, treat yourself to one of their beloved crepes.

Abigail Café – Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

This dimly lit wine bar in Brooklyn offers up an alternative workspace complete with tasty appetizers and happy hour specials. If a change of scenery is what you need, give Abigail Café a try. Brooklynites are no strangers to nomadic work styles, flocking to the nearest Wi-Fi lounge, but this place is a best-kept secret. Come here on a Sunday evening to get a seat at the bar, have a glass of house wine for $4, and enjoy eating small plates like goat cheese pesto crostini of equal price. The staff won’t mind if you stay for a while.

Atlas Café – Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Located near the Bedford Ave. L stop, Atlas Café is a must for travel lovers. With their interior décor reminiscent of an old European boathouse, the staff heavy with Spanish accents, and a massive vintage globe map plastered on the back wall, this quaint coffee shop oozes international flare. Their bagel dishes are heavenly with delicious coffee to match, but be sure to get here early if you plan on working the entire day – regulars pack this place at just about every hour, which means getting a seat near a plug can be difficult. It’s easy to get lost in your mind for a while here as old timey music plays overhead and the smell of freshly-made coffee circles around you.

What are your favorite cafes in the city to settle in and plug away?

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