Universal’s Spider-Man Ride Goes High-Tech

Kid Friendly, Things to Do, What's New — By Sarah Sekula on May 29, 2011 at 9:23 pm

Photo courtesy of Universal Orlando Resort.

Universal recently announced that The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man, one of the most popular attractions at Universal Orlando Resort, will be completely reanimated in 4K digital high definition.

It will open in 2012 and is being developed by the same award-winning Universal creative team that has brought all of Universal Orlando’s themed attractions to life. The new ride will utilize brand-new, highly sophisticated Infitec 3-D projection systems designed to make the experience sharper, clearer and more “real” than ever before.

The newly reanimated, high-definition experience will unfold within the attraction’s towering visual spaces. The new digital animation – combined with the new Infitec system and new set enhancements – will make the ride seem like an all-new experience.

Fun facts:

–All-new digital animation done in 4K high definition – the highest HD resolution available.

— The new HD animation will allow guests to experience details they’ve never been able to before – from the flames spewing from Hobgoblin’s pumpkins to the electricity arching through Electro’s body to the stitching on Spider-Man’s gloves.

— To take advantage of new HD clarity and detail, Universal Orlando is adding entirely new details to the film – and leaving it up to guests to find them.

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