Top 10 list of off-the-beaten path activities and attractions

Things to Do — By Sarah Sekula on December 23, 2011 at 5:15 pm

Photo Courtsey of Aiguille Rock Climbing Center

Orlando has much more than just incredible outlet shopping and the wonders of Mickey Mouse, in fact, it has quite a few under-the-radar attractions, which are a bundle of fun. Even the experienced Orlando traveler may find a few hidden gems on our top 10 list of off-the-beaten path activities and attractions.

Adventures in Florida
Ever thought about taking a kayak or canoe out to see the sun set? The Full Moon Paddle offered by Adventures in Florida lets you experience the setting of the sun and rising of the moon in a whole new way. They even encourage you to sip on a glass of wine in the moonlight.

Truffles & Trifles
This is a surefire way to have fun and bump up your cooking cred at the same time. The College Park-based business has been going strong for 27 years, if that tells you anything. Once you arrive, you’ll split into groups of four or five. One group is usually in charge of appetizers, another handles the entree and so on.

RDV Sportsplex Ice Den
Chill out with a lap around the ice rink at the RDV Sportsplex. Don’t forget to wrap up to stay warm.

Forever Florida’s Rawhide Round-Up
Saddle up for the ride of your life! Learn the basics of herding cattle on a three-hour horseback adventure. Then chow down on a delicious lunch at Cypress Restaurant.

Orlando Circus School
Possibly one of the most unusual attractions around, the Orlando Circus School lets you swing, hang and bounce until your heart is content. Try you hand at the German Wheel, flip out on the trampoline or challenge the family members to a Circus Family Day duel. This is one place where acting like a clown is highly encouraged.

Aiguille Rock Climbing Center
Climb around Spider-Man style at the Aiguille Indoor Rock Climbing Center. Everyone from beginners to advanced climbers can enjoy the climbing walls because each course is color coded to indicate levels of difficulty. Not a climber? Try the hard-core yoga class instead to increase concentration and muscle strength.

Paddle Board Orlando
Stand up paddleboarding is fun for all ages and activity level. This is a great way to explore Central Florida from a different vantage point. The longboards are very stable and the paddle motion strengthens your core and balance. Its a fun way to get in a little workout.

Farris & Foster’s Fine Chocolates
Have you ever wanted to create a personalized chocolate concoction? Farris & Foster’s Fine Chocolates lets you become a chocolatier during what they call a “chocolate party.” By the way, you also get to sample the ingredients and final products. Yum.

Back to Nature
Meet the residents of the Back to Nature Wildlife Preserve including bobcats, owls and possums. This is a non-profit organization dedicated to rescue, raise, rehabilitate and release Central Florida’s injured or orphaned native wildlife. This is a great way to have some fun while learning about these amazing creatures.

Orlando Paintball
Thought paintball was a thing of the past, think again! This mental and physical challenge is full of exciting twists and turns. They offer both indoor and outdoor courses, a free slice of pizza and weekday specials. Our favorite is “Shoot your friends” Monday.

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