It’s a Car, It’s a Spaceship, It’s a…Pedicab!

Things to Do, What's New — By abbygordon on August 26, 2010 at 5:51 pm

Pedicabs — human powered bicycle taxis — have finally made it to the streets of Philadelphia, after years of bicycle enthusiasts fighting City Council for the proper permits.  They debuted just after Memorial Day, and, based on the number I’ve seen on the streets, seem to be getting steady business.

Two companies operate most of the pedicabs you’ll see out there; one offers open-air rickshaw-style rides, while the other offers seating in a futuristic pod-shaped thing.  Both operate in Center City, Northern Liberties, and the Art Museum area (none allowed in Old City yet, sadly) and charge $1 per block per person.  While they do face strict rules about where and when they can ride (not on certain streets during rush hour, for example), pedicabs are a hit with bicycle and green-travel folks.

Traveling by pedicab is a great way to see the city more intimately — not to mention a great way to support the local job market.  So next time you’ve got a few blocks to travel and you want to try something new, try hailing a pedicab instead of a taxicab!

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