Rachel’s Featured Gems: Ace Hotel Portland Fundraiser for Bikes to Rwanda

Hotels, What's New — By Rachel Greenberg, NileGuide Marketing Coordinator on September 30, 2010 at 8:54 pm

“Rachel’s Featured Gems” is written by (you guessed it!) Rachel Greenberg, NileGuide’s Marketing Coordinator. Her opinions may be biased, but her taste is impeccable.

Think of Portland. What comes to mind? After you disregard the “it’s rainy” bit, tons of folks will think of Bikes and Coffee. Portlanders take both very seriously, and have developed an enviably cool culture around the two. Add art, doing a good deed, and Ace Hotel Portland to the mix, and you’ve got the quintessential Portland event.

The event will benefit Bikes to Rwanda, a nonprofit that provides cargo bicycles to co-op coffee farmers in Rwanda. This greatly improves the lives of the farmers and the quality of the coffee they can produce. The event will feature bike-themed art prints from ArtCrank, and will be held in the exceptionally adorable Ace Hotel Portland.

Silly, animal themed pictures of the hotel are bellow for you ogling pleasure:


What: Fundraiser for Bikes to Rwanda

Where: Ace Hotel Portland

When: October 7, 2010

Tags: Ace Hotel