Discovering Different Czech Brews

Things to Do — By Jacy Meyer on February 17, 2011 at 4:02 am

Finding a beer in Prague is not a difficult thing to do. It is rare that you’ll enter a restaurant here and not find a Czech beer at least bottled. All pubs and bars will have a couple varieties on tap, and if you are lucky, you might get to experience a beer brewed at a smaller Czech brewery.

First, a brief basic beer overview. Pilsner Urquell is the country’s most famous beer and you will see its green sign hanging outside pubs all over the city. Usually served in pubs that have Pilsner on tap is Gambrinus, a lighter beer made from the same brewery. Other big names are Staropramen, which is brewed in Prague and Krusovice. Beer purists may not appreciate these choices, as they are often considered mainstream, however casual beer lovers will enjoy them immensely.

If you are looking to experience one of the many bazillions of different brands available, it isn’t difficult, just may require a bit more legwork. The Beer Fest Tabor was held earlier this month in the South Bohemia town of Tabor. More than 460 beers were tested, in about 20 categories. The biggest winner was the line of beers from the Primator Brewery. They earned the “Golden Seal” in three categories, including accolades for their dark lager, stout and pale lager. One pub that offers Primator in bottles is Na rychte.

And if you can’t find a pub serving anything but the top 3, don’t worry – Staropramen 11 came out tops in its category.

Photos courtesy of Primator and Na Rychte

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