Discovering Czech Sweets

Food — By Jacy Meyer on March 14, 2011 at 4:55 am

Czechs love their sweets so consider it your visitor duty to sample a few of them during your time in Prague. Ice cream is one of the most popular, a sunny day will see queues at all the ice cream stands – be it February or July! Here are some other treats to try and don’t forget to ask for recommendations or for what’s been freshly made that day. How bad can a dessert be?!?!

Sweet dumplings are often eaten as a main meal, so no pub will look at you strangely if you make this your lunch or dinner. Soft dough is filled with a fruit jam, typically plum or apricot and often served sprinkled with poppy seeds or nuts. A similar dessert are sweet buns, which is a roll filled with poppy seeds, jam or a special sweet cheese.

If you visit any outdoor market, you won’t be able to miss the Pardubice gingerbread. Colorfully decorated, they make great souvenirs. The flavor isn’t as “gingery” or sweet as Western-style gingerbread; and the older they are, the better they taste! Our favorite Czech dessert may not even be Czech (different companies claim to “own” it) but you must try Medovnik, or honey cake. The cake is layered with sweet frosting and the honey taste is minimal. Czechs also like lots of fruit desserts, and it is easy to find international favs like tiramisu on many menus, so there’s no doubt your sweet tooth will be satisfied.

There are no shortage of cafes in Prague – pop in and check out the cake display before committing. Some good choices include Café Slavia and Café Savoy or Bakeshop Praha for some Western style desserts.

Photos courtesy of CzechTourism. Top, plum dumplings; middle, sweet buns

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