Prague Zoo

Things to Do — By Jacy Meyer on May 13, 2011 at 4:39 am

Now that is seems warm weather might be sticking around for more than an hour, we want to highly recommend a visit to the Prague Zoo while you are in town. Even non-zoo people will appreciate the lovely setting, variety of animals and the opportunity to experience a different part of Prague.

The zoo is celebrating its 80th anniversary in 2011. It has never been simply a showcase for animals, but is actively involved in educational and preservation efforts. The zoo has been instrumental in breeding and then returning animals to the wild, as well as working on in-situ projects in which they help protect endangered species in their natural habitats.

So what will you see if you visit the zoo? There are a total of 672 different types of animals in the zoo, and in 2010, 821 babies were born! Wandering around the zoo, you can hit the Indonesian jungle, visit the plains of Africa or even experience South America. Elephants, giraffes, gorillas, wolves, sea lions, polar bears and more. A petting zoo and lots of fun stuff for kids make this an excellent family day.

The Prague Zoo’s newest “attraction” is the sale of elepant dung! No joke, you can pick up your own 1.5 kilo bucket of genuine homemade Czech elephant poo for the bargain price of 70 CZK! Let us know if you make it through airport secuity…

The Prague Zoo can be reached via the special “zoo bus” from the Nadrazi Holesovice metro station. While in the area, take advantage of the Botanical Gardens or Troja Chateau.

Photos courtesy of the Prague Zoo

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