Vallarta Cheap Eats: Tacon de Marlin

Food — By Robin N. on March 13, 2011 at 5:07 pm

Burrito Roblado at Tacon de Marlin

When arriving in Puerto Vallarta, in almost all cases, you should take the pedestrian footbridge across Hwy 200 to the cab stand (because these cabs are cheaper than those in front of the airport), conveniently located in front of the burrito stand, Tacon de Marlin.

If you don’t stop here on your way in or out of town, you’re really missing out on one of the best burritos in Puerto Vallarta. The airport location is the original but Tacon de Marlin has been successful enough to now have two additional locations in PV. One is a bit out of the way for most tourists but there’s another downtown on the corner of Honduras and Peru streets, just across from the big Pemex gas station as you head towards the Malecon.

The specialty of the house are burritos jam-packed with all manner of seafood, from shrimp to octopus. As the name of the stand suggests, marlin is a popular choice. The burritos are massive and cheap, usually around $5 dollars. They don’t come with sides and they don’t need to. You can easily share one with a friend if you have a lighter appetite.  Of course, after you taste them, you may change your mind about sharing…

Pictured here is my personal favorite, the Burrito Roblado con Camaron. That is, a smoked marlin burrito with shrimp. Did I mention that the shrimp are wrapped in bacon? Or that the whole interior is smothered in this delightful spicy creamy sauce that can only be made with something wildly addicting, like lard or crack? Well, it is. If you like seafood, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to try one. The airport location makes it a great place to stop and have a final taste of Mexico before your flight home.

Tacon de Marlin is hands-down one of my “don’t miss” picks for dining in Puerto Vallarta.

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