Cultural Competition: Settimana della Cultura in Italy

Things to Do, What's New — By Erica Firpo on April 5, 2011 at 10:12 am

With less than four days until Italy’s Settimana della Cultura, cultural week from April 9 to 17 where all state museums (and even some city-run) are free to all visitors, I should have organized by now my top list of museums that I want to visit and already started training for my  contest- how many museums can I visit in a week.  For the super competitive, my personal best is twenty two (22) in 2006.

This year, not only do I not have to remind myself to compete, I get to compete with all of you visiting Rome and Italy.  MiBAC’s (Italian Ministry of Culture) English facebook page has launched the ongoing Day of Culture contest where museum goers are invited to submit a list of museums visited weekly and, better yet, daily to win catalogs and tickets for future visits.  How to play?  Follow MiBAC on Twitter and like it on Facebook, and then post your museums visits to MiBAC.  Tweets and post should include an image or two of you at the museum site and/or with your tickets.

For those of you up for some friendly play in Rome and Lazio, here’s a little help:

All MiBAC sites in Lazio – a listing  of all museums, monuments, sites, et cetera in Lazio

Rome city-run museums – a listing of city-run, Musei in Comune, museums participating in Cultural week with free entrances.  Please note: Musei Capitolini/Capitoline Museums are not free during Cultural Week, however Centrale Montemartini is.


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